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Baron Bolligrew 1971
Roath Park 26th July - 14th August

by Robert Bolt

Director & Producer: Roger Nott
Designer: John Leith
Stage Director: Alan Calaminus
Wardrobe Mistress: Barbara Franklin
Sound: Derek Allmark
ASMs: Anthony O'Donnell, Terry Jackson, Geraint Jarman, Gerald Harris


Baron Bolligrew: Michael David        Sir Oblong Fitz Oblong: Ray Handy
Storyteller: Gary Meredith        Dr Moloch: Ieuan Rhys Williams
Blackheart: Clive Roberts        Juniper and Lord Mayor: Tony C. Leader
The Duke: David Cutts        Obidiah: Geraint Jarman
Sir Digby Vayne-Trumpington and Magpie: Anthony O'Donnell
Sir Graceless Strongbody & Mazeppa: Terry Jackson
Sir Percival Smoothley-Smooth and Peasant: Gerald Harris
Man at Arms and Peasant: John Croft        Peasant: Gary Twomey

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