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Alice in Wonderland 1972
Roath Park 11th - 22nd July

Lewis Carrol - adapted by Arthur Williams

Director & Producer: Roger Nott
Designer: Hwel Morris
Consultant Designer & Graphics: John Leith
Stage Director: John Clark
Costumes: Barbara Franklin
Masks: Tricia Magill
ASMs: Peter Francis (McGowan), Stephen Lyons, Rosemary Sigel


Alice: Helen Cleaves        Mad Hatter and Mock Turtle: William Ingram
March Hare and Gryphon: Ray Handy        Queen of Hearts: Ieuan Rhys Williams
Knave and Dodo: Clive Roberts        Cook and Eagle: Gary Meredith
Frog Footman: Huw Tudor        White Rabbit: Frank Lincoln
Doormouse and Baby: Valmai Jones        King and Mouse: Phillip Clayton-Gore
Duchess and Canary: Rosemary Sigel        Fish Footman: Stephen Lyons


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