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Tryssor y Bladdwst Hir

Paddington Bear


Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz 1975
New Theatre, Cardiff 30th June - 19th July

Director: Roger Nott
Designer: Richard Croft
Choreographer: Clive Hicks-Jenkins
Costumes: Foden Kitchin
Music: Fraser Lawson Band
Stage Manager: Russell Lanyon
Deputy Stage Manager: Stevie Parry
ASM: Roger Weightman


Dorothy: Victoria Kempton        Sorceress of the North and Gloria: Roberta Kerr
Witch of the West and Aunt Em: Carole Britton
Uncle Henry and Tin Man: Stephen Lyons
Lion and Farmer: Paul Beech        Scarecrow: Paul Cardwell
Munchkin Mayor and Wizard of Oz: Michael Strobel
Tibia: Richard Clay Jones        Lord Growlie: Edmund Thomas
Munchkins & Jitterbugs: Shan Edryd, Eiry Palfrey,
Richard Clay Jones and Edmund Thomas

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