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Bwgli Bwm

Plotters of Cabbage Patch Corner


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Alice in Wonderland

The Plotters of Cabbage Patch Corner 1976
by David Wood

This production started in Roath Park and then toured to Aberystwyth (indoor performances) before returning for another stint in the park. There were cast changes for the tour and subsequent return to the park.

Director: Roger Nott
Designer: Glyn Parry-Jones


Glow Worm: Philip Clayton-Gore        Ladybird: Iola Gregory
Ant: J O Jones        Slug: Lawrence Mullin
Red Admiral: Roger Frost        Greenfly: Jane Atkinson
Maggot: Nigel Ellacot        Bumble Bee: Michael Strobel
The Great Mushroom: Rosemary Sigel        Spider & Woman: Clare Fischer
Man: Tony Easter


Slug: Desmond Barrit

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