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NOAH 1976
by Stephen Lyons

The cast arrived expecting to rehearse Andre Obey's Noah only to be told that we would be making up our own space-age Noah. After a week's rehearsal it was clear that while some actors improvised well others weren't comfortable and that unless we had a script there would be no play. Act 1 was written over the weekend
and Act II by Wednesday of the second week.

Director: Roger Nott
Designer: Iorwerth Jones
Costumes: Foden Kitchen
Stage Director: Dafydd Owen Hughes
Stage Crew: Sally Porter, Phil Reilly, Tony Easter


Noah: Robert Ellis        Mrs Noah: Caroline Wilkins
Shem: Derek Harman        Ham: Stephen Lyons
Naomi: Valmai Jones        Sella: Sarah Reynolds
The Man: Desmond Barrit        The Creatures: Mici Plwm & Desmond Barrit

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