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Bwgli Bwm

Plotters of Cabbage Patch Corner


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Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland 1976
by Lewis Carrol

North Wales Touring production.

Director: Dafydd Owen Hughes
Designer: Iorwerth Jones
Costumes: Ann Fowler
Stage Manager: Dewi Huws
Deputy Stage Manager: Margaret Tudor
Assistant Stage Managers: Iorwerth Jones, Eluned Hawkins


Alice: Helen Cleaves
Mother, Queen of Hearts & Dodo: Rosemary Sigel
Father, King of Hearts, Dormouse & Mouse: Michael Strobel
Butler, March Hare & White Rabbit: Martin Griffiths
The Academic, Mad Hatter & Mock Turtle: Grey Evans
The Governess, Duchess & Eagle: Christopher Barr
Fish Footman & Knave of Hearts: Richard Clay-Jones
Frog Footman, Caterpillar, Griffin & Pig Baby: Ian Saynor
Cook & The Duck: Robin Lyons

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